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  • Xenon Arc Test Chamber

Xenon Arc Test Chamber

The Xenon Arc Test Chamber is a specialized equipment that uses a xenon arc lamp to simulate the entire sunlight spectrum, accurately reproducing destructive light waves in various environmental conditions.

This chamber is extensively used in the selection of new materials, improvement of existing materials, and evaluation of material composition changes in terms of durability and other tests. It allows for the simulation of material exposure to sunlight under different environmental conditions.

By subjecting materials to ultraviolet (UV), visible, and infrared light, the chamber measures the material’s resistance to light. It utilizes a filtered xenon arc lamp to generate a sunlight spectrum that closely matches natural sunlight. Employing a properly filtered xenon arc lamp is crucial for testing the product’s sensitivity to longer wavelength ultraviolet and visible light, both indirectly or through glass in sunlight exposure scenarios.


Xenon Arc Test Chamber Specification

Model XC252 XC512 XD1000
 Carrier Dimensions (cm) 60x60x70 80x80x80 100x100x100
Performance Temp. range RT+10℃~80℃
Humd. range 65~98%RH
Rain time 1~9999H59min( adjustable)
cycle 1~240min (adjustable)
Ultraviolet wavelength 290~800mm; 280~3000nm full spectrum (UV wavelength 280~420nm optional)
Irradiation intensity 290~800nm 550~1120W/㎡
Blackboard temperature Single and bimetallic blackboard thermometers
Temperature controller true color touch screen and PLC module control
Circulation system temperature-resistant and low-noise air-conditioning motor, multi-blade centrifugal wind wheel
Main material stainless steel SUS304
Safety protection leakage, short circuit, over temperature, water shortage, motor overheating, over current protection

High Quality Xenon Arc Test Chamber Solution

Linkotest xenon arc test chamber are can provide the corresponding environmental simulation and accelerated test for scientific research, product development, and quality control.

Environmental Test Chamber Supplier

Xenon Arc Test Chamber Features

Linkotest provides a full set of xenon arc test chamber solutions for our clients in different industries.

  • Accurately replicates the entire sunlight spectrum

  • Facilitate the selection of new materials and the evaluation of existing ones

  • Provide accurate assessment of their resistance to light
  • Allow researchers to simulate different environmental conditions

  • Equipped with a high-quality filtered xenon arc lamp, the chamber creates a sunlight spectrum that closely resembles natural sunlight

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Steps To Order Xenon Arc Test Chamber


Choose the types of xenon arc test chamber based on the necessary function, and then the right model based on the test specifications.


Prepare a comprehensive quotation based on the customer’s requirements, including the cost, delivery details, and any additional services or customization requested.

Contract Execution

Engage in negotiation with the customer to finalize the terms of the order, including pricing, payment terms, and delivery schedule. Once all details are agreed upon, obtain the customer’s confirmation to proceed with the order.

Producing Schedule

Ensure that the equipment is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Conduct rigorous quality control checks and inspections at every stage of the production process to guarantee the system’s reliability and accuracy.


Coordinate with the customer to arrange the shipment. Provide regular updates on the shipping status, including tracking information, to keep the customer informed about the progress of their order.


Offer installation services and provide on-site training to the customer’s staff upon delivery. Ensure that the customer understands how to operate and maintain the system properly.

Xenon Arc Test Chamber Supplier FAQ

Our Xenon Arc Test Chambers are equipped with a filtered xenon arc lamp, capable of reproducing a wide spectrum of light. They offer precise control over irradiance, temperature, humidity, and other environmental parameters. Key features include programmable test cycles, intuitive user interface, and reliable and accurate performance.

Yes, our Xenon Arc Test Chambers are designed to meet and exceed various international testing standards and industry specifications, such as ASTM, ISO, SAE, and IEC. We can customize chamber configurations to ensure compliance with specific requirements.

We have a dedicated technical support team that provides comprehensive assistance throughout the entire lifespan of our Xenon Arc Test Chambers. From installation and training to troubleshooting and maintenance, we offer prompt and efficient support. We also provide spare parts, calibration services, and extended warranties for our products.

Yes, we understand that different industries and applications may require specific customization. We offer a range of customization options, including chamber size, sample holders, additional sensors, and specialized control systems. Our team will work closely with you to tailor the chamber to your specific needs.

The lead time for ordering a Xenon Arc Test Chamber depends on the specific model and customization requirements. On average, it takes approximately 6-8 weeks from order placement to delivery. However, this can vary, and we will provide you with an estimated lead time based on your specific order.

You can easily request a quotation or obtain more information about our Xenon Arc Test Chambers through our website. Simply fill out the inquiry form with your specific requirements, and our sales team will get back to you promptly with the necessary details. You can also reach out to us directly via email or phone.

Xenon Arc Test Chamber Manufacturer
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Xenon Arc Test Chamber FAQ Guide

If you want to get to know the xenon arc test chamber, then our guide is for you. It covers everything you need to know about the xenon arc test chamber in terms of definitions, applications, benefits, and more. You’ll learn everything you need to know in this guide – let’s get started:

The xenon arc test chamber uses a xenon arc lamp as a light source. The weathering and accelerated aging tests were studied by simulating the real environment conditions closely.

We use different spectra, temperatures, and humidity for controlled product degradation studies (weathering). This method can be used to evaluate the weather resistance of test materials or samples.

In fact, weather resistance testing is an important way to optimize the composition of your products during research and production. At the same time, it is also an important part of your product quality inspection. What’s more, coatings, plastics, aluminum-plastic panels, automotive safety glass, and other industries need to do this weather resistance test.

Linkotest designs and manufactures environment test chambers including temperature humidity chambers, walk-in test chambers, thermal shock test chambers, fast change rate test chambers, agree chambers, xenon arc test chambers, uv test chamber, accelerated aging test chambers, rain & spray test chamber, salt spray test chamber, compound salt spray test chamber, laboratory oven, and other products to meet your different environmental test needs.

What we can tell you is that xenon arc test chambers are used to best simulate the full spectrum of sunlight, as well as the destructive waves present in different environments. Provide appropriate environmental simulation and accelerated testing for scientific research, product development, and quality control.

Furthermore, xenon weathering tests can be used for durability tests after the selection of new materials, as well as to improve the existing evaluation of material changes or changes in material composition. The test chamber best simulates how your material is exposed to sunlight under different environmental conditions.

Standards: GB/T8427-1997, ISO105-B02 Artificial Light Color Fastness – Xenon Arc Lamp Fading Test GB/T8430-1997, ISO105-B04 Artificial Weathering Color Fastness – Xenon Arc Lamp Fading Test GB/T14576-1997 ” Textile resistance to light and sweat color fastness test”

Xenon Arc Test Chamber

The followings are the feathers and advantages of the xenon arc test chamber.

1) Feature

  • Cost-effective.
  • Broad spectral range.
  • Available in flat and round drum configurations.
  • Automatic monitoring and control of internal conditions.
  • S1 high-purity quartz transparent film, gold-plated silicon corrosion-resistant mirror, and high-temperature linear photosensitive element ensure that the measurement accuracy is not affected by high and low-temperature changes.

2) Advantage

It provides a more realistic degradation study than traditional UV chamber testing. A wider spectral range and optional ultra-wide spectrum produce more realistic results.

Moreover, the xenon arc test chamber has a reasonable price, complete functions, and a large sample capacity. In addition, it provides precise control of key test parameters. Includes spectrum, irradiance, relative humidity, room temperature, and black standard temperature.

Likewise, xenon arc test chambers can be used for the selection of new materials. Because of the improvement of existing materials or the evaluation of product formulation changes that affect product durability. Therefore, it is an ideal instrument for fully accelerated light stability and weathering tests and can be used to quickly test light stability.

Xenon Test Chamber

  • Very simple user interface; built-in connection for data logging
  • Provide comprehensive self-diagnostic warnings and service reminders
  • Our Xenon Test Chamber is quick and easy to calibrate and maintain

Xenon Arc test chambers from our company have been used in various laboratories for many years for quality testing and research experiments. These Xenon Arc Weathering Instruments can help you determine the possible damage to your product when exposed to full-spectrum sunlight and rain.

If you use a set of procedures to alternate test sample cycles. And put it in a certain temperature, light, and humidity. You can then replicate in a matter of days or weeks the damage caused by months or years of outdoor weathering.

Some of the common methods our chambers can be used for are as follows:

  • ASTM G155: Standard Practice for Operating Xenon Arc Lamp Equipment to Expose Nonmetallic Materials.
  • ASTM 04459: Standard Practice for Xenon Arc Exposure of Plastics for Indoor Applications.
  • ISO 4892-1 Plastics – Method of exposure to laboratory light sources.
  • ISO 16474-2 Paints and varnishes – Methods of exposure to laboratory light sources – Part 2

Xenon Arc Test Chamber

Let’s compare the xenon test chamber and UV test chamber.

1) UV lamp irradiation test method

  • UV fluorescent lamps illuminate UV lamps to simulate the damaging effects of sunlight on durable materials.
  • It is electrically different from the aforementioned xenon arc lamps, fluorescent UV lamps, and ordinary fluorescent lamps, illuminating cold light but producing more ultraviolet light than visible or infrared light.
  • For different exposure applications, different types of lamps with different spectra are available.
  • The uva-340 lamps in the main short wavelength UV spectral range simulate sunlight well.
  • The spectral power distribution (SPD) of UVA lamps is similar to the 360nm spectrum in the solar spectrum.
  • UVB lamps are also used for accelerated artificial aging tests.
  • It destroys materials faster than UVA lamps, but its shorter wavelength energy output than 360 nm causes deviations from actual test results.

2) Xenon arc radiation test method

  • The xenon arc radiation test is considered to best simulate the full solar spectrum because it produces ultraviolet, visible, and infrared light. Because of this, it is considered the most widely used method at home and abroad.
  • This method is described in detail in GB/T1865-1997 (equivalent to IS0113411:1994).
  • But this method also has its limitations, namely the stability of the xenon arc light source and the complexity of the experimental system.
  • Xenon arc light sources must be filtered to reduce unwanted radiation.
  • There are many types of filter glass for different irradiance distributions.
  • The type of glass chosen depends on the type of material being tested and its end use.
  • Replacing the filter glass can change the type of short-wave UV light through which materials can be damaged.
  • The commonly used filtering methods are sunlight, window glass, and extended ultraviolet rays (methods 1 and 2 mentioned in GB/t1865-1997 correspond to the first two).