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  • 22 years of manufacturing & customizing drop tester for package

  • Provides precise and dependable testing results
  • Manufacturers can adjust testing parameters to simulate various real-world scenarios

  • Help manufacturers identify and address weak points in packaging designs
  • Meets industry regulations and standards for packaging testing

Linkotest Drop Tester for Package

Linkotest Drop Tester for Package

The Linkotest Drop Tester for Package is an advanced testing equipment specifically designed to assess the impact resistance of product packaging. It simulates the real-life scenario of products and their packaging falling from various heights, enabling manufacturers to understand the potential damage and evaluate the packaging’s ability to withstand such impacts.

By conducting drop tests using the DTS Series of drop tester, manufacturers can gather crucial data to enhance and refine their packaging designs. This helps align the packaging with the specific requirements of both the product and national standards, ensuring optimal protection during transportation and handling.

The DTS Series drop tester is meticulously crafted to meet industry data and international testing standards. It adheres to renowned standards such as ISTA, ASTM, ISO, MIL-STD, and JIS, making it a reliable choice for comprehensive package and product evaluation. With the ability to perform face, corner, and edge drop tests, it provides a comprehensive assessment of package performance, ensuring the utmost protection throughout the distribution process.

Drop Tester for Package Specification

Model DTS150 DTS200
Drop Height (mm) 300 ~1500 300~2000
Payload Capacity (kg) 90 90
Package Size (mm) 800X1000X600 800X1000X600
Drop Mode Free fall Free fall
Power / Air Supply Single Phase AC220V 50Hz 10A(Compressed Air)0.5 ~0.7Mpa
Applicable Standards ISTA, ASTM, ISO, MIL STD, and other internationally recognized test standards

High Quality Drop Tester for Package Solution

22 Years of manufacturing & customizing drop testers for packages for reliability testing industry.

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Drop Tester for Package Features

The main column is made of special high-quality steel, processed by cylindrical grinding, chrome-plated on the surface, durable and never rusty

  • Features a height-adjustable platform
  • Equipped with a robust shock-absorbing system

  • Offer several drop modes, including face, corner, and edge drops
  • Equipped with advanced data recording and analysis capabilities
  • Designed in compliance with industry and international standards, including ISTA, ASTM, ISO, MIL-STD, and JIS

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Steps To Custom Drop Tester for Package


Choose the types of drop tester for package based on the necessary function, and then the right model based on the test specifications.


Prepare a comprehensive quotation based on the customer’s requirements, including the cost, delivery details, and any additional services or customization requested.

Contract Execution

Engage in negotiation with the customer to finalize the terms of the order, including pricing, payment terms, and delivery schedule. Once all details are agreed upon, obtain the customer’s confirmation to proceed with the order.

Producing Schedule

Ensure that the equipment is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Conduct rigorous quality control checks and inspections at every stage of the production process to guarantee the system’s reliability and accuracy.


Coordinate with the customer to arrange the shipment. Provide regular updates on the shipping status, including tracking information, to keep the customer informed about the progress of their order.


Offer installation services and provide on-site training to the customer’s staff upon delivery. Ensure that the customer understands how to operate and maintain the system properly.

Drop Tester for Package Supplier FAQ

  • Ability to perform face, corner, and edge drops for comprehensive package testing.
  • Height-adjustable platform to accommodate packages of various sizes and weights.
  • Shock-absorbing system to minimize impact force on test specimens.
  • Precise drop control mechanism for consistent and repeatable tests.
  • Advanced data recording and analysis capabilities for accurate evaluation.
  • Compliance with international standards such as ISTA, ASTM, ISO, MIL-STD, and JIS.
  • It enables the assessment of package impact resistance and identifies areas for improvement.
  • Helps align packaging designs with product requirements and industry standards.
  • Provides crucial data to enhance packaging performance during transportation and handling.
  • Enables compliance with regulatory requirements for packaging integrity.

Yes, the height-adjustable platform allows for testing packages of various sizes and weights.

The Drop Tester is designed to provide precise and repeatable drop tests, ensuring accurate data for analysis and evaluation.

The Drop Tester is capable of performing face, corner, and edge drops to simulate different impact scenarios that packages may encounter during handling and transportation.

The Drop Tester is designed to meet standards such as ISTA, ASTM, ISO, MIL-STD, and JIS, ensuring compliance and reliability in package testing.

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Drop Tester for Package FAQ Guide

If you want to use a drop tester for packaging, then our guide is for you. It covers everything you need to know about drop testers in terms of definitions, applications, benefits, and more. You’ll learn everything you need to know in this guide – let’s get started:

A drop tester for packages is a device that drops parcels from different heights and directions. This method is used to assess their transport value and resistance to error handling at all stages of transport and storage. In addition, it is also suitable for the detection of bottles, cans, bags, corrugated boxes, etc.

Linkotest designs and manufactures drop test machines including drop testers for mobile products, drop testers for packages, drop tester for large Items, rotating drum testers, and other products to meet your different drop test needs.

Importantly, testing with reliable drop test equipment can help you and other stakeholders determine if your packaged products are adequately prepared for the distribution environment. In addition to this purpose, the “Package Drop Tester” has various additional benefits, including:

  • Supports surface, edge, and angle drop tests
  • Electric reset, electric drop, electric lift device, easy to use
  • Wide range of test samples
  • Easy maintenance and long-term use
  • Comply with GB, IEC, ASTM, ST, ISO, JIS, TAPPI, and other industry standards
  • The main column is made of special high-quality steel, the surface is polished, the surface is chrome-plated, durable, and never rusted

In general, there are three types of package drop hammer testers. Includes small, medium, and large package drop hammer tester. And they are used for packaging up to 2 kg, 80 kg, and 500 kg.

Drop Tester for Packages

There are applications of drop tester for the package.

1) Control Orientation

It is well known that test procedures and industry standards specify the requirements for controlling directional descent. Eventually, this drop causes the test sample to impact predetermined surfaces, corners, and edges.

2) Dangerous drops

In reality, not all items fall on flat, lab-style floors. In fact, some small package distribution tests require dripping under predetermined hazardous conditions.

3) Product drops

You perform a bare product drop test on packaging using a drop tester to simulate events that may occur during use. Once out of protective packaging, in the hands of consumers.

4) Extended height

Usually, dangerous goods packaging is subjected to a rigorous drop test during certification testing. In addition, other high-performance products and packaging also need to withstand high-energy shocks. Moreover, drop testers are available with extended height drop testers to meet these test applications. Finally, you can customize the descent height option to expand the descent height range of your machine.

In fact, the drop tester selected for packaging depends on the drop test standard adopted by the manufacturer. You may encounter the following international standards. If a vendor is conducting testing, it is helpful for you to know their testing standards, as they may be slightly different.

For example, ASTM standards apply to containers that are 110 pounds (50 kg) or lighter. In contrast, ISTA standards are suitable for heavier containers. Therefore, you need to choose the right tester based on the weight of the package.

In reality, different drop testers use different methods of packaging. Here is how to use one of these products:

  • Connect the power supply;
  • Turn on the power switch clockwise;
  • See that the wing plate is in the horizontal position, otherwise, use the hand plate in the horizontal position;
  • Lightly press the rise button to raise the wing panel to the desired position, and lightly press the stop button;
  • Put the product to be tested and fixed with fixture;
  • Set the test times and press the reset button (RST) to clear 0; Tap the drop button to start the test;
  • Test repeatedly until the set number of test times to automatically cut off the drop power (the drop button is not effective);
  • Test the next product or turn off the power.

Note: No one is allowed to stand on the workbench during the drop test!