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  • UV Weathering Test Chamber

Linkotest UV Test Chamber

UV Test Chamber is specifically designed for the aging test of non-metallic materials using artificial light sources. It provides precise control of temperature using a blackboard temperature meter, ensuring temperature stability throughout the testing process. The optional radiometer probe allows for accurate measurement of UV radiation.

We offer flexibility in choosing the appropriate UV light wavelengths based on specific testing requirements. By providing a wide range of UV light wavelengths and precise control over temperatures, the Linkotest UV Test Chamber offers comprehensive and customizable testing capabilities for evaluating the performance and durability of various materials under different UV conditions.

Our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction makes the Linkotest UV Test Chamber a trusted choice for industries and research institutions seeking advanced UV testing solutions.

UV Test Machine Specification

Model LK-UV3-A LK-UV3-B
Function UV irradiation, spray, condensation
Volume(mm) 1300x1470x520 (W x H x D) 1300x1570x650 (W x H x D)
Test capacity 75mmx15mmx10mm 48pcs 1100x370x540mm (W x H x D)
Lamp capacity UVA-340/UVB-313 Brand: Atlas/ Q-lab
Light temperature 50℃~-75℃
Condensing temperature 40℃~-60℃
Main material Stainless steel SUS 304
Control system 7 inch true color touch screen controller
Operation mode: program operation, fixed value operation
Support USB and RS232 communication devices, support downloading test data and real-time test curves
Standard ISO11507,ISO EN 4892-3,GB/T14522,GB/T23983,GB/T16422.3,ASTM D4587, ASTM D5894,ASTM G154,ASTM D4329,SAE J 2020
Safety protection system Over-temperature protection, heater air-burning protection, humidifier dry-burning protection, the equipment will automatically stop running when there is a fault, leakage protection function, cut off the main power supply.
Power supply AC 220V ±10% 50/60Hz

High Quality UV Weathering Test Chamber Solution

Linkotest provides UV test chambers that for heat resistance tests for electrical insulation, ventilation aging tests of electronic parts, plasticizing products, leather textile tests, treatment of mandatory ventilation, etc.

Environmental Test Chamber Supplier

UV Test Chamber Features

Linkotest provides high-quality UV test chambers for our clients in different industries.

  • Features a blackboard temperature meter
  • Offer the flexibility of selecting different UV light wavelengths to meet specific testing requirements

  • Accurately measure the UV radiation emitted from the chamber with the optional radiometer probe

  • Designed to perform aging tests on non-metallic materials and simulate artificial light sources
  • Allow users to set and adjust various testing parameters, including temperature, exposure time, and UV intensity.

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We offer a comprehensive warranty on all our products. This warranty ensures that any manufacturing defects or malfunctions will be promptly addressed and resolved free of charge within the specified warranty period.

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Our dedicated technical team is available to assist customers with any product-related issues. Whether it’s troubleshooting, installations, or general inquiries, our team is ready to provide prompt and efficient solutions.

Repair and Replacement

In the event that a product requires repair, we offer convenient repair services through authorized service centers. Our skilled technicians will diagnose and fix any issues, ensuring that the product performs optimally.

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We maintain an inventory of commonly required spare parts to facilitate quick repairs. This helps minimize downtime, ensuring that our customers can continue using our products without significant interruptions.

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For customers who require additional support beyond the standard warranty period, we offer extended support contracts. These contracts provide continued access to technical support, repairs, and other services, offering peace of mind and additional value.

Steps To Order UV Weathering Test Chamber


Choose the types of UV weathering test chamber based on the necessary function, and then the right model based on the test specifications.


Prepare a comprehensive quotation based on the customer’s requirements, including the cost, delivery details, and any additional services or customization requested.

Contract Execution

Engage in negotiation with the customer to finalize the terms of the order, including pricing, payment terms, and delivery schedule. Once all details are agreed upon, obtain the customer’s confirmation to proceed with the order.

Producing Schedule

Ensure that the equipment is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Conduct rigorous quality control checks and inspections at every stage of the production process to guarantee the system’s reliability and accuracy.


Coordinate with the customer to arrange the shipment. Provide regular updates on the shipping status, including tracking information, to keep the customer informed about the progress of their order.


Offer installation services and provide on-site training to the customer’s staff upon delivery. Ensure that the customer understands how to operate and maintain the system properly.

UV Test Equipment Supplier FAQ

Our UV Test Equipment is designed to provide precise and controlled UV radiation for testing purposes. It offers features such as customizable UV light wavelengths, adjustable intensity levels, accurate temperature control, and optional radiometer probes for measuring UV radiation.

We understand that different testing requirements may call for specific UV light wavelengths. Our knowledgeable team can guide you in choosing the appropriate wavelength based on factors such as material type, industry standards, and desired testing conditions.

Yes, our UV Test Equipment is specifically designed to simulate artificial light sources and provide a controlled environment for aging tests. It allows for accurate assessment of material performance and durability under different UV conditions.

We prioritize quality and reliability in our UV Test Equipment. Our products undergo rigorous testing and are built to meet industry standards. Additionally, the equipment is designed for long-term use, ensuring consistent and reliable performance throughout its lifespan.

Yes, we understand that each customer may have unique testing requirements. We offer customization options for our UV Test Equipment, allowing you to tailor specific parameters such as exposure time, intensity levels, and additional features based on your needs.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the point of purchase. We provide comprehensive support and assistance including installation guidance, user training, equipment maintenance, and prompt technical support to ensure a smooth and successful testing experience.

UV Weathering Test Chamber Manufacturer
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UV Weathering Test Chamber FAQ Guide

If you want to use UV weathering test chambers in your lab, then our guide is for you. It covers everything you need to know about UV weathering test chambers from definitions, features, structure, buying guidelines, and more. You’ll learn everything you need to know in this guide – let’s get started:

The ultraviolet weathering test chamber refers to the equipment used for the aging test of non-metallic materials and artificial light sources. It uses a chalkboard thermometer to control the heating and the temperature is more stable. In addition, the radiometer probe (optional) is fixed.

In fact, UV weathering test chambers create artificial weathering conditions through a combination of UV radiation, moisture, and heat. In this way, you can test the damage of your materials exposed to the outdoors for a long time. It is widely used in the quality control and research and development of most plastics, textiles, pigments, etc.

Linkotest designs and manufactures environment test chambers including temperature humidity chambers, walk-in test chambers, thermal shock test chambers, fast change rate test chambers, agree chambers, xenon arc test chambers, uv test chambers, accelerated aging test chamber, rain & spray test chamber, salt spray test chamber, compound salt spray test chamber, laboratory oven, and other products to meet your different environmental test needs.

From the point of view of accelerated aging, the root of UV detection lies in photochemistry. In fact, this part of chemistry studies lights as an energy source for inducing chemical reactions (i.e., light is used to provide the activation energy needed to initiate one or more chemical reactions).

One thing to note is that photochemistry deals almost exclusively with organic molecules (i.e. carbon-based molecules). Typical examples of organic molecules include polymers and coatings, which are susceptible to degradation by sunlight over a certain period of time. What’s more, it also includes most biological tissues: plants, trees, human skin, etc.

UV Weathering Test Chamber

·UV Weathering test chambers test for high temperature and humidity stabilization and aerosol-free humidification according to DIN EN ISO 4892-3 Procedure A (lamp combination) cycle number 3+ 4, DIN EN 12224, VDI 3958 page 12, DIN EN 1297 and EOTA TR-010.
·Common use within the framework of testing, material development, and damage assessment:
·Simulate extreme climates and acid rain (pH≥3), such as ADF (acid, dew, and fog) and AR (acid rain) tests (VDI 3958, page 12).
·Weathering of large surface area specimens and components
·Effectively test the ratio of space area to the mounting surface
·Removable radiant door for easy opening and easy access to the UV test chamber
·Spectral irradiance can be changed by using other fluorescent lamps
·The folding screen is made of special safety glass for easy access to the light source
·Eco-friendly materials
·Low investment, operating, and maintenance costs
·Wind speed variable frequency control. Accelerated weathering tester
·The cooling system adopts imported parts from international brands to improve operational reliability.
·Touch screen controller, friendly human-machine interface, and safety devices ensure simple operation and easy maintenance.
·Control system: high-precision thermostat,
·Programmable time controller (set test time, illumination time, condensation time, spray time)
·Electronic components: the use of national joint venture company products
·The main configuration of anti-ultraviolet equipment: temperature controller, time controller, lighting time accumulator, inflow solenoid valve, and an ultraviolet lamp.

·The inner capsule of the chamber is made of imported high-grade stainless steel plates, while the outer capsule is made of SUS 304 steel plates.
·The heating method adopts the inner capsule groove heating, the temperature rises quickly, and the temperature distribution is uniform.

UV Weathering Test Chamber

·The temperature sensor is connected to the black aluminum plate, and the heating is controlled by the black plate thermometer to ensure a more stable temperature.
·The radiometer probe is fixed to avoid frequent installation and removal.
·The radiation volume adopts a special ultraviolet irradiance meter, and the display and measurement accuracy is high.
·The radiation intensity does not exceed 50W/m2.
·Illumination and condensation can be controlled independently, alternately, and cyclically.

Uv aging test chamber can simulate a high-temperature atmospheric pressure environment. It is also used for heat resistance tests of electrical insulation, ventilation aging tests of electronic parts, plasticized products, leather textile tests, forced ventilation treatment, etc.

We can choose the UV wavelength according to different test requirements because each UV radiation and light wavelength is different. Generally, UV lamps can be divided into UV lamps and UV lamps.

We will simulate damage caused by sun, rain, and condensation. Test your material by exposing it to wet and warm sunlight. The results of the damage are obtained after a few days or weeks, which is equivalent to months of exposure.

Damage includes fading, discoloration, loss of brightness, powder, cracking, blurring, brittleness, loss of strength, and oxidation. This experiment provides you with reference test data to improve your existing materials or to evaluate durability changes and other effects of your products.

It is worth noting that the UV aging test chamber should be carefully repaired to avoid the direct action of sunlight, rain, and dew. The device is achieved by increasing the temperature by exposing controlled sunlight and humidity to information to be tested in an interactive cycle. In addition, the device simulates UV fluorescent lamps and can also simulate humidity by condensation or spraying methods.

You just remember the following 7 points to learn how to carry out daily maintenance:

  • Ultraviolet light resistance box device during operation, please remember to maintain sufficient water source.
  • Try to open the door at the door during the experimental phase.
  • There is a sensor device in the working chamber, do not suffer strong blows.
  • After a long period of stopping, if it needs to be used again, the water source, power supply, and components must be carefully checked. Identify the label after the error.
  • Because of ultraviolet radiation, if there is strong harm to people (especially the eyes), the operator should minimize the touch of ultraviolet rays (the touch time should be less than 1 minute).
  • Operators are advised to equip them with protective glasses and sheaths.
  • After use, prevent plastic masks from being invaded. If there is dust, it should be eradicated.
  • When the equipment is in a non-working state, it should be kept dry, and discharged from the water, and the studio and box should be dried.

UV Weathering Test Chamber

Our standard temperature range is -70°C to +180°C and 20%~98%RH. We can also achieve ultra-low temperatures to -190°C.

Our standard rate is an average of 3°C/min for heating and 2°C/min for cooling. Linear or nonlinear speeds of 3°C/min, 5°C/min, 8°C/min, 10°C/min, and 15°C/min are available for us.

12 months (Note: Free spare parts are available during the warranty period, excluding consumables and man-made damage), lifetime technical service

1) Standard Export Packaging: Internal Collision Protection, Outer Export Wooden Box Packaging.
2) Express delivery, air freight, and sea freight, according to customer requirements to find the most suitable way.
3) Responsible for the damage during transportation, the damaged part will be replaced for you free of charge.
4) 15-20 days after confirming the order, the specific delivery date should be determined according to the production season and the order quantity.

UV Weathering Test Chamber

If you are ordering from us for the first time, we recommend that you PayPal get a secure order. 30% T/T in advance and 70% before shipment for regular orders.

We can provide you with on-site training and provide installation and operation videos. You can follow the video or the instruction manual step by step. You are advised to ask local experienced engineers to install the device according to our operation video. Because for experienced engineers, the installation process is not difficult.

If you encounter any problems in the future testing process, we promise to respond to you within 48 hours and provide a solution within 3 working days. We can provide English teaching videos and manuals. We can provide a video of the operation of the machine.

1)Field service:

·Equipment installation;
·Equipment operation technology training;
·Equipment calibration;
·Daily maintenance of equipment;

2)Free technical training 24-hour online contact Free software upgrade Free information:

·Equipment problem handling:
·Social media 24-hour online communication;
·Seamless mail docking;
·Video conferencing;
·Manual free door-to-door service;

We understand your need to ship your equipment quickly and in a timely manner. Delivery time usually varies from 15 to 45 days per day and is indicated in the quotations we give you. Be sure to discuss your more urgent requirements with your sales representative so that we can ensure that your expectations are met.

UV Weathering Test Chamber

All our equipment comes with factory inspection reports and we can also provide third-party inspection reports. However, we also need to tell you before purchasing the equipment so that we have enough time to arrange it.

Our services:
If you encounter any problems during the test in the future, we promise that we will reply to you within 48 hours and provide a solution within 3 working days. We can provide how-to videos and instruction manuals in English. We can provide video conferencing. If the customer needs on-site service, the transportation and travel expenses shall be borne by the customer.

1) Pre-sale service

–24-hour online service for your consultation.
–Help in choosing the right model, as well as a range of services, personnel, and recommendations.

2) Intermediate services

–To give you the best offer
–Discounts for multiple sets of orders
–Do customer requirements:
–Select a payment term that is convenient for you.
–Timely production and delivery, timely notification to you.
–Invoice values can be provided as needed to reduce your taxes.

3) After-sales service:

–1-year warranty service and lifetime maintenance.
–Technical equipment can be used for overseas training.
–Some parts are replaced free of charge
–Remote control technical consultation
–Free installation of CD
–Maintenance schedule

4) Commitment:

We sign a letter of commitment when we sign a contract, which will increase your confidence in us.

5) Good packaging:

Simulated animatronics Customer Triceratops are covered with bubble wrap before being placed in wooden boxes. It not only has the advantages of good shock absorption, shock resistance, and heat sealing, but also has the advantages of non-toxic, tasteless, moisture-proof and anti-corrosion, and good transparency.