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Linkotest Compression Tester

Linkotest Compression Tester is a reliable and advanced testing equipment designed for various industries and applications.  The equipment can be tailored to meet specific requirements and testing needs of different materials and industries. From load capacities to testing speeds, Linkotest provides flexibility and versatility to ensure accurate and precise results.

Besides, Linkotest Compression Tester is its robust construction. The equipment is built with high-quality materials to withstand rigorous testing conditions. The sturdy design ensures long-lasting performance and reliability, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications. Moreover, Linkotest Compression Tester offers user-friendly interfaces and intuitive software. This makes it easy for operators to set up and perform tests efficiently.

Linkotest Compression Tester stands out for its customization options, durable construction, user-friendly interface, and outstanding customer support. It is a reliable choice for industries that require accurate and efficient compression testing.

Compression Tester Specification

Force Unit N, KN,kg.f,,g.f.,kg/cm², lbf/in²
Strength unit Pa, kPa, MPa, kgf/cm², lbf/in²
Resolution 0.1N
Indication accuracy ±1%
Test Speed 12.5mm/min
Platen size Dia 110mm
Upper and lower platen distance 60mm
External Dimension 550x500x650mm
Power supply Single phase 220V 50/60Hz
Measuring range 250-6000kPa
Force Unit Kgf/cm², Lb/in², Kpa
Hydraulic speed High pressure type 170 ±10ml/min
Upper chuck diameter 95
Lower chuck diameter 135mm
Volume 430x530x520mm
Power supply Single phase 220V 50/60Hz
Anti-stress 0.5-5T
Degree of decomposition 1/100.000
Operation mode 100% computer control
Force unit Kg, Lb, N
Test space 1200x1000x1000
Compression speed standard 10±3mm/min
Report items S/N, peak value, average value, set pressure value
External dimension 2000x1200x2050
Power supply Single phase 220V 50/60Hz

High Quality Compression Tester Solution

Owing to 180 workers and 20 years experience, full capabilities of technology to supply a full set of material test solutions

Environmental Test Chamber Supplier

Compression Tester Features

The system adopts microcomputer control, with PVC operation panel, the test process is completed automatically

  • Offer a wide range of testing capabilities
  • Utilizes advanced load measurement techniques
  • Offer flexibility in setting up test conditions
  • Equipped with an intuitive touchscreen interface

  • Come with data logging and analysis capabilities
  • built with robust construction, ensuring durability and reliability under demanding testing conditions

Our Compression Tester Application

Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

Batteries Application

Battery Industry

Military Application

Military Industry

Electromechanical Application

Electromechanical Industry

Optoelectronics Industry

Optoelectronics Industry

Electronics Application

Electronics Industry

Steps To Order Vibration Test System


Choose the types of vibration test systems based on the necessary function, and then the right model based on the test specifications.


Prepare a comprehensive quotation based on the customer’s requirements, including the cost of the vibration test system, delivery details, and any additional services or customization requested.

Contract Execution

Engage in negotiation with the customer to finalize the terms of the order, including pricing, payment terms, and delivery schedule. Once all details are agreed upon, obtain the customer’s confirmation to proceed with the order.

Producing Schedule

Ensure that the vibration test system is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Conduct rigorous quality control checks and inspections at every stage of the production process to guarantee the system’s reliability and accuracy.


Coordinate with the customer to arrange the shipment of the vibration test system. Provide regular updates on the shipping status, including tracking information, to keep the customer informed about the progress of their order.


Offer installation services and provide on-site training to the customer’s staff upon delivery of the vibration test system. Ensure that the customer understands how to operate and maintain the system properly.

Compression Tester Supplier FAQ

Our typical lead time for manufacturing and delivery of compression testers is X weeks. However, this may vary depending on the specific model and quantity ordered.

Yes, we can offer customization options to meet your specific requirements. This includes modifications to testing parameters, load capacities, testing speed, and additional features based on your application needs.

We provide comprehensive after-sales support for our compression testers. This includes technical assistance, troubleshooting, and maintenance services. Our team of experts is always available to assist you with any queries or issues you may have.

Yes, we maintain an inventory of spare parts for our compression testers. In the event that a part needs replacement, we can promptly ship the required component to minimize any downtime.

Yes, we offer training programs for operating and maintaining the compression tester. Our training sessions cover the basic operation, safety precautions, and maintenance procedures to ensure proper and efficient usage of the equipment.

We provide a warranty period for our compression testers to cover any manufacturing defects or malfunctions. The warranty duration and terms may vary depending on the specific model and will be stated in the purchase agreement.

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