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Linkotest Mechanical Shaker

The Linkotest Mechanical Shaker is an ideal choice for various vibration tests, including fixed displacement, low-frequency, fixed frequency, and sweeping frequency closed-loop vibration testing. Designed with a frequency range of 10-80Hz, this advanced system accurately simulates transport vibrations, making it perfect for electronic products, batteries, loose components, and hardware failure testing.

Our mechanical shaker adheres to the highest industry standards, including SAE, IEC, ASTM, MIL, ISO, and GB. It ensures consistent and reliable results, allowing your products to meet quality and compliance requirements with ease.

Choose the Linkotest Mechanical Shaker for industry-leading features that optimize your vibration testing experience. Our commitment to compliance, mobility, real-time control, user-friendly interface, and low maintenance sets us apart as a trusted partner in ensuring the quality and reliability of your products. Contact us today to explore how our Mechanical Shaker can meet your specific testing needs.

Mechanical Shaker Specification

Table Size 500x600mm – 2000mm×2000mm
Frequency 10—-100Hz
Max.Load Up to 500KG
Acceleration 0—14G
Displacement 0-4.0 mmp-p (Adjustable displacement)
Function  fixed frequency, sweep frequency
Wave: sinusoidal wave
Sweep rate (Oct/min) customized
Sweep time customized
Vibration direction  Vertical

High Quality Mechanical Shaker Solution

Linkotest mechanical shakers are serving in industries like research, development, quality control, and manufacturing

Environmental Test Chamber Supplier

Mechanical Shaker Features

Complies with national and international standard: IEC 60068, Linkotest provides a full set of vibration test solutions for our clients in different industries.

  • A good vibration absorber that does not required fixed foundation

  • Machine with locking wheel for easy mobility

  • Control parameter is simultaneous with real time result

  • Microsoft Window operating system

  • Very low maintenance

Linkotest Mechanical Shaker After-Sales Service


We offer a comprehensive warranty on all our products. This warranty ensures that any manufacturing defects or malfunctions will be promptly addressed and resolved free of charge within the specified warranty period.

Technical Support

Our dedicated technical team is available to assist customers with any product-related issues. Whether it’s troubleshooting, installations, or general inquiries, our team is ready to provide prompt and efficient solutions.

Repair and Replacement

In the event that a product requires repair, we offer convenient repair services through authorized service centers. Our skilled technicians will diagnose and fix any issues, ensuring that the product performs optimally.

Spare Parts Availability

We maintain an inventory of commonly required spare parts to facilitate quick repairs. This helps minimize downtime, ensuring that our customers can continue using our products without significant interruptions.

Customer Feedback and Complaint Handling

We value our customers’ feedback and take complaints seriously. Our customer service team is committed to resolving any customer concerns promptly, ensuring their satisfaction with our products and services.

Product Upgrades and Enhancements

We continuously strive to improve the quality and features of our products. When applicable, we offer product upgrades or enhancements to provide our customers with the latest technology and improved functionality.

Training and Manuals

We provide comprehensive product training to our customers, ensuring that they fully understand the features and operation of our products. Additionally, we offer detailed instruction manuals and documentation to assist customers in using our products effectively.

Extended Support Contracts

For customers who require additional support beyond the standard warranty period, we offer extended support contracts. These contracts provide continued access to technical support, repairs, and other services, offering peace of mind and additional value.

Steps To Custom Mechanical Shaker


Choose the types of mechanical shaker based on the necessary function, and then the right model based on the test specifications.


Prepare a comprehensive quotation based on the customer’s requirements, including the cost, delivery details, and any additional services or customization requested.

Contract Execution

Engage in negotiation with the customer to finalize the terms of the order, including pricing, payment terms, and delivery schedule. Once all details are agreed upon, obtain the customer’s confirmation to proceed with the order.

Producing Schedule

Ensure that the equipment is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Conduct rigorous quality control checks and inspections at every stage of the production process to guarantee the system’s reliability and accuracy.


Coordinate with the customer to arrange the shipment. Provide regular updates on the shipping status, including tracking information, to keep the customer informed about the progress of their order.


Offer installation services and provide on-site training to the customer’s staff upon delivery. Ensure that the customer understands how to operate and maintain the system properly.

Mechanical Shaker Supplier FAQ

Our Mechanical Shaker complies with the IEC 60068 standard, ensuring that it meets and exceeds industry requirements for vibration testing.

No, our Mechanical Shaker features a vibration absorber technology that eliminates the need for a fixed foundation. This provides flexibility in installation and reduces costs.

Our Mechanical Shaker is designed with locking wheels, making it easy to move and relocate as needed. This enhances mobility and allows for efficient utilization of the workspace.

Yes, our Mechanical Shaker offers real-time control of parameters, allowing you to make adjustments as needed during the testing process. This ensures precise control over vibrations and accurate results.

Our Mechanical Shaker runs on the Microsoft Windows operating system, providing a familiar and user-friendly interface for easy navigation and integration with other software and tools.

Our Mechanical Shaker is designed for minimal maintenance requirements. This ensures that your testing processes can run smoothly, with reduced downtime and associated costs.

Mechanical Shaker Manufacturer
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Mechanical Shakers FAQ Guide

If you want to use Mechanical Shakers at work, then our guide is for you. It covers everything you need to know about Mechanical Shakers in terms of definitions, how they work, specifications, and more. You’ll learn everything you need to know in this guide – let’s get started:

A mechanical shaking table is a kind of traditional sinusoidal vibration test equipment. Because of its simple operation and low price, it is still widely used today. It has a frequency range of a few Hz to 100 Hz, and the maximum acceleration allowed during testing is 20g.

Usually, your packaged goods must be able to withstand vibrations, dynamic energy, or collisions when they are shipped. Our mechanical shaker is a low-cost test tool that can be used to test your packaging design. Mechanical shakers are used in the manufacturing process for environmental stress testing and design certification. Ultimately, product reliability, quality assurance, and fatigue testing (ESS). Each mechanical shaker has software that can be used to precisely customize the displacement you need.

Linkotest designs and manufactures vibration test systems including, vibration shaker tabletransportation simulators, mechanical shakers, and other products to meet your different vibration test needs.

Today, there are many reasons to use mechanical vibrating screens:

You can choose to use vibration as a method of product design. This is to ensure that your product can withstand the critical frequency without failure before it goes into production. For example, it is not uncommon to determine that a PC board has a resonant frequency, which can cause it to engage with other components in the case, leading to damage.

The solution may be to add support or reinforcement to solve the problem. Or, the entire electronic console product may react badly to vibration, so you need to redesign the product.

On the other hand, another use of mechanical shakers is to simulate the vibration environment. Air, sea, and ground transport products are all vibration environments. However, the vibration curve required to simulate any aircraft, ocean-going ship, or truck is different.

Often we need to perform feature analysis or specification guidance in the field to replicate these vibrations in the laboratory. There are numerous military and commercial codes that recommend or require vibration levels for all environments.

1) ESS applications

Usually in the production process, the most common use of mechanical shakers is to remove manufacturing defects. Like excess solder and loose screws. This process is known as environmental stress screening (ESS). In this process, your product is stimulated rather than simulated. In this regard, its goal is to eventually build a product with zero defects from component to finished product. The term, zero defect, is often interpreted as Six Sigma reliability.

For the success of mechanical shakers for ESS applications, the common thinking is that the shaker may have sufficient characteristics (force, displacement, acceleration) to destroy the product. If the shaker can cause failure, all aspects of the shaker are adjustable. The smaller the degree of vibration that may eventually occur with manufacturing defects.

All in all, the mechanical vibrating screen is a multi-purpose machine. It can be used as a quality tool to improve product reliability and integrity from the component level to the system level.

In order to simulate the vibration and shock of goods in the process of the vehicle or ship transportation, we use eccentric axes to form an elliptical motion trajectory during rotation. Our test platform is fixed on eccentric bearings. When the eccentric bearing rotates, the whole plane of the test platform oscillates up and down in an elliptical shape. In this way, the eccentric shaft can be adjusted by changing the speed. Just like a car or a ship can change its speed by changing its speed.

Mechanical Shakers

Choose Linkotest Mechanical Shaker for reliable, efficient, and customizable vibration testing solutions. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and unlock new possibilities for quality assurance and compliance in your industry.

  • Flexible Testing Capabilities: With the Linkotest Mechanical Shaker, you can conduct fixed displacement and constant frequency tests, achieving precise and controlled vibrations. Both vertical and horizontal vibrations can be easily achieved using a single clamp, eliminating the need for complex control systems.
  • Compliance with International Standards: Our equipment complies with essential standards such as GB2423-2008, IEC60068, IEC62133, and more. This ensures the reliability and accuracy of your test results, giving you the confidence to deliver compliant and high-quality products.
  • Durable and Reliable: Built to withstand demanding environments, our mechanical shaker is constructed using robust materials and state-of-the-art technology. It offers long-lasting performance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Customizable Solutions: We understand that every testing requirement is unique. That’s why we provide customization options to tailor our mechanical shaker to your specific needs. From test parameters to additional features, we can create a solution that fits your exact requirements.
  • Expert Support: At Linkotest, we value customer satisfaction. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive support, from initial consultation to after-sales service. We are here to assist you throughout the entire testing process, ensuring a seamless experience.


  • Frequency range: 5~100Hz
  • Load:40kg~1000kg
  • Displacement:5mm~10mm
  • Acceleration: 3~20g
  • Tabletop: 500×500-1500x1500mm
  • Test mode: fixed frequency, positioning shift sweep frequency test
  • vibration direction: horizontal, vertical
  • Compliance with National and International Standards: Our Linkotest Mechanical Shaker is meticulously designed to meet and exceed rigorous industry standards, such as IEC 60068. We offer a comprehensive range of vibration test solutions tailored to different industries, ensuring your products are fully compliant.
  • Advanced Vibration Absorption Technology: Unlike traditional shakers, our Mechanical Shaker incorporates innovative vibration absorption technology. This eliminates the need for a fixed foundation, providing greater flexibility and cost savings in installation.
  • Mobility and Stability: Equipped with locking wheels, our Mechanical Shaker offers effortless mobility. This feature enables you to easily relocate the machine as needed, optimizing workspace utilization and facilitating efficient testing processes.
  • Real-Time Control and Monitoring: Our state-of-the-art control system ensures that parameters are adjusted and monitored in real-time. This enables you to have precise control over the vibrations, guaranteeing accurate and reliable results consistently.
  • User-Friendly Operating System: The Linkotest Mechanical Shaker is powered by the user-friendly Microsoft Windows operating system. This familiar interface allows for easy navigation and enables seamless integration with other software and data analysis tools.
  • Minimal Maintenance Requirements: We understand the importance of minimizing downtime and maintenance costs. That’s why our Mechanical Shaker is engineered to require very low maintenance. This ensures that your testing processes can run smoothly with minimal interruptions.

Mechanical vibration testing machine is suitable for fixed displacement tests under low frequency, fixed frequency or sweep frequency closed loop vibration. In order to fix the test acceleration, it can do positioning shift and constant frequency test. However, it can not do a constant acceleration sweep frequency test.

You don’t need to worry, this device doesn’t need a complicated control system. You can achieve vertical and horizontal vibration with a single fixture.

Mechanical Shakers