In the fast-paced world of photovoltaic technology, ensuring the reliability and durability of PV modules is paramount. At the heart of this lies the PV backsheet, a crucial component directly impacting the longevity and safety of solar panels. Enter the PV Backsheet Polyester Film Double 85 Test – a rigorous assessment method designed to simulate high temperature and high humidity conditions, ensuring the resilience of PV backsheet materials.

1. What is the Double 85 Test?

The Double 85 Test serves as a pivotal evaluation methodology for assessing the durability of PV backsheets under harsh environmental conditions. Typically conducted on PET-based PV backsheets, this test exposes the sample to a controlled environment characterized by an 85°C temperature and 85% relative humidity. By replicating extreme conditions, the Double 85 Test evaluates key performance factors including thickness retention, transmittance levels, water resistance, and UV resistance over a specified duration. Precise monitoring and analysis of these parameters provide invaluable insights into the resilience of the backsheets and their ability to withstand rigorous environmental challenges. The comprehensive data derived from the Double 85 Test not only facilitates a deeper understanding of the backsheets’ longevity but also contributes to the enhancement of durable and dependable photovoltaic technologies, thereby supporting the advancement of sustainable energy solutions.

Double 85 Test

2. Understanding Performance Changes

During the rigorous Double 85 Test, the polyester film within the PV backsheet encounters profound changes triggered by the combination of intense heat and humidity. Despite these harsh conditions, a high-quality PET sample displays impressive durability:

Thickness: A reliable PV backsheet demonstrates negligible thickness variations after the test, indicating adherence to strict industry standards.
Transmittance: Although there might be slight declines in light transmittance due to structural modifications from moisture evaporation, the PET film maintains satisfactory levels of transparency crucial for efficient solar energy conversion.
Water Resistance: The polyester film exhibits exceptional resistance to water ingress, showing minimal absorption or none at all, highlighting its ability to protect the solar cells from moisture-related damage.
UV Resistance: With strong UV resistance properties, the PET film withstands the detrimental effects of prolonged sunlight exposure, ensuring long-term durability of the solar panel system even in challenging environmental conditions. These findings underscore the importance of robust backsheet materials for enhancing the performance and longevity of photovoltaic systems.

3. Paving the Way Forward

As the photovoltaic industry continues to evolve, the demands placed on PV backsheet materials are also constantly increasing. Manufacturers of PET films are continuously exploring ways to enhance performance, such as optimizing production processes and incorporating anti-aging agents. Through ongoing research and innovation, the reliability and efficiency of PV modules can be further strengthened, driving the renewable energy sector towards a brighter future. With breakthrough technologies and sustained quality improvement, the photovoltaic industry will better meet market demands and make a greater contribution to environmental conservation. On the path of continuous exploration, the photovoltaic industry will play an increasingly important role in leading the development of clean energy.

Double 85 Test

4. Conclusion:

With the ever-evolving photovoltaic industry, the demand for advanced PV backsheet materials is on the rise. PET film manufacturers are continuously striving to improve performance by refining production techniques and integrating anti-aging components. This ongoing dedication to research and innovation is essential for enhancing the durability and effectiveness of PV modules, ultimately propelling the renewable energy sector towards a more sustainable future. At Linkotest, we are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art testing solutions that adhere to the highest quality standards in the photovoltaic industry. Explore our wide array of testing services to guarantee the exceptional performance of your PV backsheet materials today and contribute to the advancement of renewable energy technologies.

Double 85 Test

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